I want to make my blog cuter! I’ve seen a ton of food blogs and they have really cute fonts and layouts and look really impressive.

If any of you pros out there happen upon this and have some suggestions for finding layouts or making this thing look better, I will love you forever.

And maybe bake you something great.


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  1. On your dashboard, there should be an option to change themes. And edit your widgets. If you want more help, send me an email and I can explain in more details.

    Also, my friend Rachael does custom design but it’ll cost some $$. She did my blog. But they’re always very cute and you can tell her what you want it to look like – let me know if this is something you’re interested in and I’ll connect you.

  2. Part of creating a good look for me was in finding the layout I liked and wanted to use. gives you plenty of options in that department – for example, I currently have Coraline but I’ve used Misty Look, Ocean Mist, Benevolence and Tarski in the past. (IMO, I think Banana Smoothie or Koi would be good matches for you to start with.) I took the basic look and adjusted it to my liking (with assorted widgets and a user-defined header). The best part about is the level of customization available for a free account – most sites (like Coraline, or Twenty Ten) give you enough ability to tweak a layout that you make it yours, without making it so difficult you give up.

    Keep in mind that much of your blog look is dependent on user readability and access – if others can’t read it, they won’t visit. Second to that is the look – readability trumps cute every time.

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